PORTER-CABLE Restorer 3.5-Amp Sander

How many sanders does Dad need? Jitterbug, orbital, detail, belt, disc, drum and whatever-this-thing-is. Seven. He needs seven. I picked up this Porter-Cable Restorer sander as I needed something that would take many layers of paint and/or rust off of metal. I had my eye on another, similar product that is marketed to the auto restoration segment, but this one looked to do the same thing at less than half the cost. And consumables were readily available, locally, again for under half the cost compared to the other, similar tool. So it basically is a type of handheld drum sander, fitted with gear-driven changeable drums/sleeves of sandpaper in varying grits, abrasive pads and a rust/paint removal wheel. It does what I needed it to do, without heating up and distorting the metal of my 60+-year-old truck doors. And although I haven’t tried it on anything but metal, it says it’ll work on concrete, wood and fiberglass. Sound itchy, unless you use the built in dust collection port.

Price recently dropped from $99 to $79. Consumables range from $10-15.


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