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The Multi-Surface Restoration Tool System

The RESTORER offers a variety of quick-change, tool-less interchangeable rollers designed to sand and strip paint from wood, brick and fiberglass as well as polish and remove rust from metal. It is a patented hand-held power tool that is very ergonomically balanced and compact for maneuvering in tight areas and around tough obstacles. Weighing in at 4.5lbs the Restorer is less than half the weight of a typical belt sander and is the most efficient sanding tool on the market

The RESTORER is so efficient at removing material due to its barrel shaped roller design that keeps the surface cool while flicking the debris from the surface versus a belt sander or orbital sander that tend to heat up the surface causing the paint or stain to clog the abrasive belts or pads. The pistol grip design allows the operator to control the tool with one hand or work overhead easily and the super efficient built-in vac port clears away all paint, wood or debris instantly.


Detailed technical information of Restorer

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Model Number PXRA2676
Speed (Surface feet) 1000-3200
Motor Type Brushed
Amps 3.5
Voltage 120
Dust Port 1-1/4" ID
Cord Length 8 ft.
Shaft Size 12mm
Weight (lbs.) 4.5 lbs.
Height (Inches) 6.25''
Width (Inches) 6.59''
Length (Inches) 12.72''
Accessories Included Yes
UL Safety Listing Yes
CSA Safety Listing Yes
ETL Safety Listing Yes
Maximum FPM (Feet) 3200
Minimum FPM (Feet) 1000

The System: New Rollers in Development and or Unavailable

A roller for every job that does not get clogged


Stainless Steel Wire - In Stock

Top quality elastic stainless steel wire brush. This roller is indicated for cleaning welds, deburring, removing rust, roughing and removing coatings.

Stranded Wire Wheels - Unavailable

Sturdy steel wire brush. For deburring, rust removal, roughing and cleaning metal. For brushing out soft annual rings on timber, leaving a rough rustic effect.

Bristle Wheels - In Stock

Elastic nylon brush impregnated with abrasive grit. For roughing and deburring metal, as well as creating a rustic effect with even annual ring transitions on timber.

Flap Wheels - Unavailable

With radial abrasive cloth flaps in various grit sizes for removing rust, oxidation layers, minor scratches and for the regraining and burnishing of metals.


Fleece “Nonwoven” - Unavailable

Elastic nylon fleece impregnated with abrasives. For removing oxidation on stainless steel and nonferrous metals and for smoothing wooden surfaces.

Combi Wheels - Unavailable

Nylon fleece combined with abrasive flaps for matte finishing, burnishing and removing light scratches, oxidation and handling marks on stainless steel and all metals.

Fleece “Nonwoven” Sleeve - In Stock

Nylon impregnated with abrasive grit for removing minor to medium scratch marks and oxidation coatings, matte and satin finishing and deburring applications.

“TZ” Pyramid Sleeve - Unavailable

Allows high material removal, producing a very fine finish, reducing work required. Ideal for pre-polishing for fine mirror finishes and for removing scratches and spot welds.


GUM Wheels - Unavailable

Soft rubber impregnated with abrasive grit. For a bright, linear finish on stainless steel and nonferrous metals and for smoothing wooden fibers.

Felt Sleeve - Unavailable

Made of soft merino (endless) for polishing large stainless steel and nonferrous surfaces quickly to a mirror finish. This one is also suitable for hard plastics.

Polish Sleeve - Unavailable

Special fleece produces perfect brilliant, shadow-free mirror finishes on stainless steel and nonferrous metal surfaces using polishing compounds.

Buffing Wheel - Unavailable

Cotton yarn wheel for use with compounds. Produces a very bright high mirror finish. You can use it on flat, contoured or irregular surfaces.


Clean Wheels - In Stock

Made of hard-textured, nonwoven fleece for cleaning and descaling welds, pore-deep removal of rust, oxidation and coatings, cleaning beams, etc.

Fiber Wheel - Unavailable

This special roller is made of elastic fiber. It is Ideal for polishing stained wood, satin finishing, pore-deep dust removal and others cleaning applications.

Expansion Roller - In Stock

Use with sanding belts, fleece and felt sleeves. The sleeves are simply pushed over the expansion roller and held securely in place by the centrifugal force.

Inflatable Roller - Unavailable

The sleeves are simply pushed over the inflatable roller. The inflatable roller is helpful when when sanding uneven or curved areas and surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions


Product Questions


Lowe’s, Amazon and Hartville Hardware currently.
Yes the starter kit comes with two 60, 80 & 120 grit sanding sleeves. The full kit comes with additional accessories; one rust/paint removal roller and two abrasive sleeve; one medium and one coarse.
It sands wood and removes rust, paint and stain from wood, metal, concrete and fiberglass.
You will need to attach a shop vac to the rear dust port of the restorer in order to suck up the dust or debris created when using the tool.
The restorer is very safe. 80 percent of the sanding roller is covered by the roller housing.
No actually it is very easy and safe to use. It is light weight and very simple to operate.
Approximately 100-250 sq ft worth of sanding depending on the application. If you are removing stain then probably 100 sq ft and if you are just sanding then up to 250 sq ft.
You unlatch the cover and flip it towards the front of the tool then the roller just slides out.
You hold the roller in one hand and then press the center of the roller with your thumb of your other hand and then rotate the sleeve off compressing the rubber roller flaps as it rotates.
The restorer is designed to only allow the rollers to go in the correct way. See the notes on the rollers to show the direction to install it.
Only if held in place for an extended period of time while pressing down.


Usage Questions


Not all the time, but depending on the job you may need to in order to maintain control of the tool.
No. Let the tool weight do the work for you. Just maintain a firm grip on the handle(s) during use.
It is best to move the restorer back and forth evenly and consistently that will give you the best uniform results.
No you do not, but it helps the accessories last longer by vacuuming the debris from the roller as it rotates in the chamber and keeps the work surface cool by continually drawing fresh air over the surface..
Absolutely. The restorer handle is designed specifically for that purpose.
It is best to use the Restorer on dry surfaces only. If not you run the risk of electrical shock, clogging the dust port and getting water in the bearings.
The dust port should be checked before and after every time it is used to assure the vacuum collection is working properly.
A soft bristled tooth brush works great for removing light debris that may be caught in the chamber. It is also best to remove the roller so that you can access both side of the dust port.
It is best to place the restorer on the nose or the front handle of the tool. It will keep the roller from making contact with any surface.
No the restorer gears are greased at the factory and sealed in the gear housing.

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